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Jenex V2-900

Jenex V2-900
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This very popular classic ski has been in our lineup since the 1990’s and is still a favorite of many skiers. The 900 series utilize an aluminum shaft and composite polymer fork and fender that easily accepts the ATRA speed reducer and doubles as a fender for wet conditions.

Available in 3 rolling resistances and 1 combi model, the 910 is slow, the 920 medium-slow and the 930 medium. The preferred model for the average skier is the 930 and for World Cup skiers the 910.

Weight per pair:1.8kg/3.96lbs
Ground Clearance:30.5 mm/1.19”
Wheel Diameter:70mm/2.75”
Wheel Width:40mm/1.56”
Optional Speed Reducer: ATRA
Optional Brake: B900

Replacement Wheels:
Front: RW9 Clutch Wheel
Rear: W10, W20 or W30