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Professional PHANTOM Application

High Peaks Cyclery proudly offers professional DPS Phantom application, conveniently located in Lake Placid, New York. We are home to the Adirondack's only DSP authorized Phantom cure station. 

Traditional waxes are comprised of unstable toxic chemicals that breach into the watershed, causing widespread damage to the ecosystem and health of all living organisms. PHANTOM is engineered to feature the fastest components of traditional waxes but in functional groups that are both inert to the environment and safe to those applying it.

Unlike wax, PHANTOM is only applied once, and permanently alters the entire thickness of your bases to make them both faster and harder. Performance never drops off, regardless of days ridden or stone grinds.

Consistent glides and speed. PHANTOM is fast across a broad range of conditions and temperatures. PHANTOM mirrors the glide of all-temperature wax in most mid-winter snow conditions, and exceeds it in warmer snow temperatures.

Phantom Application and Cure Station Treatment Package

Includes DPS Phantom wax-less glide compound, professional application, and full cure station treatment  

Available now at High Peaks Cyclery: 


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Why Phantom?

Permanence breeds ultimate convenience. 

With PHANTOM, you apply the formula once at any point in your ski or snowboard’s life cycle, whether new or used.

It’s that simple. PHANTOM’s sophisticated, timed polymerization process permanently penetrates the entire thickness of the base material with powerful go-fast fluoro compositions designed to operate across all snow temperatures. Even when the ski or snowboard goes into a shop for stone grindings, the next fresh layer of PHANTOM is exposed –– ready to glide.