Shimano XTR Race 10-Speed Components Kit

Shimano XTR Race 10-Speed Components Kit
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When you're in front of the pack with your heart, lungs and legs at red line, you need unwavering confidence in your machine. The confidence to know that whatever conditions the trail throws at you your components will respond with perfect, split-second function. You need Shimano's XTR Race 10-Speed Components Kit. This high-end kit is powered by a gorgeous double-ring Hollowtech II crank spinning 10 titanium/aluminum gears out back. Those gears are tied together and clicked through with a MTB-specific chain and legendarily smooth XTR derailleurs and shifters. And since all that exquisite speed is nothing without control, the XTR Race disc brakes generate plenty of easy-to-modulate power with a single-finger effort.

Crankset w/Bottom Bracket: 720 grams
Shifters: 207 grams
Brake Calipers: 220 grams
Brake Levers: 196 grams
Rotors: 126 grams
Cassette: 255 grams
Chain: 259 grams
Front Derailleur: 135 grams
Rear Derailleur: 175 grams



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