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Jenex V2-XLC9848

Jenex V2-XLC9848
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The all-new composite version of the XL9848 “Terra” classic ski. Designed for rough pavement and dirt paths and trails, the composite version provides excellent vibration dampening offering a smoother and quieter ride than the aluminum version. Additionally the composite shafts slight degree of camber and flex offers skiers a livelier and more active ski making it that much closer to skiing on snow. Like all XL skis this model accepts speed reducers and a brake.

Weight per pair:2780g/6.17lbs
Ground Clearance:30mm/1.7”
Wheel Diameter:100mm
Wheel Width:48mm

Optional Speed Reducer: ATR9848
Optional Brake: B150XL
Replacement Wheels:
W9848C Front
W9848 Rear