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Jenex V2-XL9848

Jenex V2-XL9848
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A Contemporary Terra ski. The old Terra was stable and could be used on both paved and on hard packed dirt roads. However, we were forced to discontinue the Terra as our wheel supplier was unable to provide product in a predictable manner. The Terra was Kristina Smigun’s favorite classic ski. She was a double Olympic Gold medalist in 2006 and after giving birth to daughter Victoria in 2008, and not racing for two seasons, she captured Olympic Silver in 2010. An amazing skier and wonderful person. Many skiers told me the Terra was too heavy for proper training, but Olympic results show otherwise. Just like Kristina, two other Olympic medalists used the Terra for classic training. In the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Olympics Kristina and her Terra training ski mates captured four Gold, one Silver and one Bronze medal. Kristina told me the Terra made her stronger than training on lighter smaller wheel classic skis. We began to ship the XL9848 in April of 2011 and it’s turning out to be one of our best selling classic skis.

This season the XL9848 is only available with an aluminum shaft, but when we have increased composite capacity we might be able to offer the XL9848 with a composite shaft. With the wide wheels it’s stable and the 98 mm wheels provide a comfortable ride. It’s also safer than smaller wheel skis as the larger wheels can roll over objects that stop the 70 to 80 mm wheels. Like all XL skis this model accepts the lighter and less expensive XL type Brake.

Weight per pair:2700g/6lbs
Ground Clearance:30mm/1.7”
Wheel Diameter:100mm
Wheel Width:48mm
Optional Speed Reducer: ATR9848
Optional Brake: B150XL

Replacement Wheels:
W9848C Front
W9848 Rear