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Premium Road and Gravel Bike Rental



Road/Race Bikes


Giant TCR Advanced 2

If you are looking for a high efficiency road bike, then try our Giant TCR Advanced 2, which are optimized for high performance on the roads. The most efficient race bikes have the perfect balance of light weight, stiffness and smooth compliance on the road. The TCR Advanced delivers on all three, making it a versatile performer for competitive road riders.


Gravel Bikes


Giant Revolt Advanced 0

Ready to crush some gravel? With its lightweight, endurance-oriented composite frame, generous tire clearance and smooth ride quality, the all-new Revolt Advanced lets you ride farther and faster on rough roads, gravel or dirt.

This is a performance gravel bike that’s equally adept at tackling paved roads or dirt. That versatility comes in handy when your ride includes a little bit of everything. It’s designed around a lightweight Advanced Composite frameset with endurance geometry, so you can tackle long, hard rides with less fatigue.

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Entry Road and Gravel Bike Rental




Road/Race Bikes


Giant Contend

Smooth, fast and fun. This versatile aluminum road bike blends agility and comfort. So you can push the pace, ride more miles, and have more fun on the road.

Designed and developed for aspiring riders looking to elevate their experience on the road, Contend offers responsive acceleration and a more endurance-oriented rider position. A 27.2mm seat post helps reduce road shocks and vibrations, and there’s enough frame and fork clearance to run wider tires (up to 28c) to further smooth out the ride. Engineered and built in Giant’s industry-leading aluminum forging facility, it’s a true all-rounder for ambitious road riders.

Gravel Bikes


Salsa Journeyman

The Salsa Journeyman is our all-road (gravel) bike designed with the versatility to fulfill a wide variety of missions. Journeyman Apex 1 700 has 700c wheels for more speed and efficiency when you’re primarily riding on roads. Its aluminum frame, carbon Fantail Deluxe fork, and SRAM Apex 1 drivetrain all reduce weight, giving you more energy to get out and wander.

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Road Bike vs Gravel Bike

Road bike are designed for high speed and efficiency on the roads, however they perform best on smooth paved surfaces. A gravel bike, or all road bike, is designed with a little more versatility in mind. The wider, lower pressure, tires on a gravel bike provide more traction and comfort on loose surfaces and unpaved roads, while the slimmer tires on a road bike are better for efficiency and speed. The disc brakes on a gravel bike are meant to feathered throughout the day without fading, while the conventional breaks on a road bike are lighter. The geometry of a gravel bike is also designed for more comfort and efficiency, while the geometry of a road bike is designed for speed.

Rental Policy

-No Rental Reservation

-Call For Pricing 

- Half-day rentals begin at 9am and 1pm and must be returned by 1pm and 5pm.

 - Next day returns on single day and half-day rentals are subject to a $20 overnight fee. 

- A cleaning fee will be charge for obsessively dirty bikes. If you need to clean your bike there is a cleaning station on the side of the store.